How to Prolong the Life of Your Smartphone

The UK’s new Right to Repair laws require that manufacturers make spare parts available for broken electrical goods – however, this law does not apply to smartphones and mobile devices. So, how can you prolong the life of your phone and make sure it doesn’t become e-waste?

Repair It

The first, and most obvious way, to make your phone last longer is to repair it. You may have thought about repairing your phone before for issues such as cracked screens or cameras, but have you considered repairing the bigger parts of your phone? There are many options for services which provide smartphone repairs and upgrades, such as replacing the battery or screen.

Jamie’s offers a repairs service for competitive prices – find out more here.

Many mobile phone companies also offer their own repairs services – check with your provider to see if they can repair yours.

Think twice before buying the latest model

When looking at the latest models of smartphones in comparison to yours, you may be persuaded to buy one. However, always think twice before you do this. Ask yourself: do I really need a new phone, or is mine still doing the job just fine?

The constant cycle of new phones being released every year is a major contributor to e-waste. In 2020, around 1.83 billion smartphones were sold worldwide; many of them end up in landfills, where they account for 70% of landfills’ toxic waste. So, next time you rush to queue up for the latest iPhone, think twice about what it’s doing to the planet.

Donate it

Despite all this, the question still remains –  if you do need a new phone, what should you do with the old one? For this, you have a few options.


Donating your phone to a reseller such will ensure that your smartphone gets a longer life. The reseller will be able to repair and refurbish your phone, making it good as new to resell to a new owner. Not only will your old phone stay away from landfills, but it will also be given to someone who needs it more than you.


If repairing and refurbishing your smartphones are not viable options for you, then your last option is to recycle it.

Companies like Jamie’s Computers will ensure that all your data is destroyed, and will then recycle the device properly, ensuring that nothing goes to landfill.

Watch our video on data destruction here to learn more about the process:

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