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We are a Hampshire-based homelessness charity, providing accommodation and support to over 2500 people each year.

The people that we work with often have diverse and complex issues surrounding homelessness, including substance/alcohol addiction and mental health problems. Our range of services includes supported housing for homeless people, drug services throughout Hampshire, Jamie’s Computers (social enterprise), Café in the Park, Recycle Bikes, Winter Beds, Saints4Sports and specialist residential care homes.

Our homelessness services do not just give people a roof over their heads. We offer opportunities to address the issues which have led to individuals becoming homeless.

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Our History

In 1972, The Society of St James was a group of volunteers from a collection of churches who opened up a church hall to accommodate 11 homeless men.

Many of the men we worked with in those early days were struggling with heavy drinking and the team realised very quickly that offering shelter was just the first step.

In over 40 years our work and organisation has changed significantly. Paid staff make up our workforce, though volunteers provide a very valuable service to compliment this, and we no longer operate from a church hall, but from many houses, hostels, and offices throughout the county.

We still work with people to identify their own needs, and to find ways that we can support them as individuals to make the changes they want to see in their own lives.

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