Recycling IT since 2003: A brief history of Jamie’s Computers

Jamie’s Computers began in 2003 as an IT recycling social enterprise.

It was started by the Society of St James after they donated five unwanted computers to a small group of enthusiasts who met weekly to play computer games. This group quickly began to learn how to fix, refurbish and sell on these computers, establishing themselves as leaders in computer recycling and refurbishment within their local community.

Soon, more donors began to donate their unwanted IT equipment to the group, and they had to move into a permanent workshop.

Today, Jamie’s Computers is a Southampton-based IT recycling service which serves both businesses and individuals to help them ethically recycle their unwanted electronics. All our profits go to our charity, the Society of St James, which helps to tackle homelessness in the South.

Jamie’s is broken down into three main services:

Refurbishing & Repairing

When equipment is donated to Jamie’s, our technicians work to repair and refurbish the item, reworking it to it’s former glory. This might involve repairing software or hardware problems, upgrading operating systems, or adding a new thermal paste.

Always ask yourself before throwing recycling or throwing away an electronic item: could this be repaired instead? ?

At Jamie’s we provide computer repair and upgrade services to reduce further e-waste.

Check it out at: #ITRepairs

— Jamie’s Computers (@JamiesComputers) June 30, 2021


If the item cannot be repaired sufficiently, then it will be recycled. Jamie’s Computers is certified by the Environment Agency and have a T11 exemption certificate as a fully registered waste facility. You can learn more about the recycling process here.


If the item has been repaired sufficiently, then it is ready to be resold. Reselling second-hand equipment is imperative to a more sustainable economy; it means that less e-waste is created, and the lifespan of the electronic item is prolonged.

We continue to grow year on year with the support from our donors and customers. Your donations and purchases all help to reduce e-waste and grow a greener economy, all while raising funds for our charity.

Watch the video below to learn more about our story: