About Us

Our Story

The Society of St James set up Jamie’s Computers in 2002 as a computer recycling social enterprise; starting off in a workshop with a volunteer tutor wanting to teach our clients about refurbishment of IT equipment, we soon started to grow as companies began to give donations.

The Society of St James saw this as an opportunity to create a social enterprise that would not only serve our local community and improve our green economy, but also provide training opportunities for our clients.

Year on year it has grown into a professional services servicing the needs of corporate clients such as Kingfisher, NATS, Cath Kidson, Hampshire Council, Old Mutual and more, as well as organisations such as schools, colleges and universities. We have amalgamated a list of 1500 clients and continue our success with your help.

Our Approach

We are a strong community driven social enterprise; we provide professional volunteering opportunities for graduates, students, unemployed individuals as well as people with disabilities and mental health issues to learn to new skills and work in a team in a a real business environment.

We have a strong reputation built over 12 years through quality, sustainable recycling practices and excellent customer service. Our technicians always ensure a professional service through using the world’s best softwares and providing all customers with a 6 month warranty.

Consider donating to the Society of St James to help fight homelessness and support the work that Jamie’s does.

Make a Voluntary Contribution

Jamie’s Computers have a number of fixed costs before we raise a profit for our charity, the Society of St James. These may not be apparent to our customers, such as:

  • Average cost of collection (£25)
  • Recycling of printers (£5 an item)
  • Recycling of computers over 5 years old (£5)
  • Admin costs of data destruction certificate

We kindly ask our customers to make a voluntary contribution so that we can raise profits for out charity.