Social Impact

Social Impact Statement 2017      

Jamie’s Computers offers a professional and secure IT disposal and recycling service for businesses, councils, schools and individuals. Where possible we refurbish donated computers and make them available for reuse. 

We recycle anything that we cannot re-use improving the carbon footprint of over 1500 clients. As well as providing an additional income stream for the Society of St James, Jamie’s computers creates much-needed training, work experience and volunteering opportunities for socially excluded adults.

“I’ve been volunteering for two years & I enjoy the nature of the work, it is varied and interesting. We are like a family here & everyone gets on really well.”  Danny Diver

Volunteers make a significant impact on our operations and play a key role in our success through their dedication and hard work.

The people who volunteer come from a range of diverse    backgrounds and are referred from universities, colleges, European union students, job centres and community payback.

We also work with agencies to support their socially excluded, disabled and vulnerable clients to help them regain the confidence to work in a team and give them responsibility and a sense of purpose. These opportunities also enables them to gain new skills each day.

“As a manager it is always a pleasure to see the growth in the self-esteem and confidence of the volunteers. It is satisfying to know that the team at Jamie’s Computers have contributed to that by being welcoming, creating the right atmosphere and by giving encouragement along the way”  Reuban Choudhry

many of the volunteers that have impressed gained employment elsewhere with a good reference from ourselves or have even gained employment at Jamie’s Computers.