Should unemployed people consider volunteering?

Will it help them get a new job?

The widely accepted view among voluntary organisations, policy makers, the general public and often the jobless themselves is that volunteering can have a positive impact in the search for re-employment.

For volunteering to have a positive impact on an unemployed person’s job prospects, they have to be presented with opportunities to get the skills and knowledge that ‘employers are crying out for’ – not just any kind of skills and knowledge

Volunteers at Jamie’s are an important cog in our social enterprise. Put it simply we allow volunteers to gain new skills and knowledge by  carrying out functions of an actual job or role. Our volunteers feel challenged to do better and gain confidence in working in a team

5 reasons volunteering can lead to paid employment

Job hunting is never easy and when you’re fresh out of university, school or college getting your foot in the door is an even tougher challenge. 

We have complied five reasons how volunteering can lead to paid work.

1. Experience, experience, experience


Every job requires at least one year of work experience, it’s a never ending cycle of needing a job and needing experience to get a job. What better way to get experience for your dream job by volunteering!


2. Get your foot in the door

Not only will volunteering enable you to gain valuable experience but it gets you working in the business or the industry that you want to start your career in. By volunteering you’ll be working in the industry therefore making it more likely to be considered for opportunities or paid employment.

3. Networking

By volunteering you’ll get to meet professionals who are already working in the business or the industry that you are desperate to work in.  These contacts will be valuable when trying to further your career, you never know what doors they might open for you.

4. You can prove yourself

Volunteering gives you the chance to show off your abilities that you may not be able to show future employers on paper. You can show how well you work in a team, your punctuality, your enthusiasm and most importantly your passion for the business. By actually going out and volunteering in the industry you want to work in you are more likely to get noticed and get employed.

5. You can learn new skills

By volunteering you can learn on the job which means acquiring new skills, this gives you something to talk about in job interviews and extra skills to add to your CV giving you the edge when applying for paid work!


 Work Experience Opportunities

  1. Stripping and Recycling Assistant – Explore the innards of IT hardware by stripping apart PC’s, laptops, servers and many different types of equipment, while recycling key components and parts.
  2. Sales / Marketing Assistant – Be creative and bring fresh ideas, while communicating with customers.
  3. Data Erasing Assistant – securely erasing data from hard drives systematically following technical guidelines.
  4. Administration Assistant – Learn the admin procedures that underpin our business.
  5. Warehouse Assistant – Work in a team and organise equipment, palletise, and pick in a busy warehouse.
  6. IT Workshop Assistant – Learn to refurbish and reinstall operating systems, diagnose issue and apply fixes.


Jamie’s Computers Welcomes Diversity

Volunteering can serve as a meaningful alternative to paid work for individuals with disabilities, long-term illnesses and caring responsibilities.

Volunteering can help them maintain their self-worth and offer them important social contact, and that can counteract the negative psychological effects of social exclusion.

Volunteering in this instance can make a contribution to maintaining and increasing the national wellbeing