Sustainability for Schools

Jamie’s Computers would like to improve sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint.

We can all make a difference in reducing our carbon footprint and improve sustainability. Let us start by reducing electronic waste and conserving valuable resources! 

As it’s coming to the end of the academic school year, we are kindly asking schools to donate old technology. Whether it be phones, computers, laptops and tablets. We are incredibly grateful for any donation, big or small. As a result, you will be supporting sustainability and actively taking part in reducing your carbon footprint.

Electronical waste poses a significant threat to the environment. Improper disposal of electronic devices can lead to toxic substances leaking into soil and water sources, polluting ecosystems and endangering both human and animal health.

70% of equipment is reused, recycled. Then refurbished to Microsoft standards. We offer data destruction, along with certification, to securely erase and protect privacy. Refurbished equipment goes to our eBay and in house store. What can’t be refurbished gets broken down into components and recycled. Meaning 0% of material goes to landfill.

Additionally, profits that are raised, through refurbished equipment, go back to The Society of St James, which will help improve and maintain services they continue offer, for our local community.

To join Jamie’s Computers in reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainability:

– Identify and gather all outdated or unused tech equipment.

– Contact Jamie’s Computers to arrange for pickup or drop-off of the donated devices


  • Find us here: Unit 32, Mount Pleasant Industrial Estate, Southampton
  • Call us: 023 8063 2198
  • Email us:

Finally, together we can work towards a brighter and more environmentally conscious future!