Autumn has certainly arrived now with the trees are turning a range of browns and reds this also means it’s time for the first monthly lowdown post from Jamie’s Computers. 

Household WEEE collections

From the 3rd of October West Sussex council started a new free service allowing households to easily recycle their old electrical items as part of their weekly rubbish collection. This will save a lot of people time and money by taking it to a recycling center and potentially stopping those households from chucking electrical in the bin. The council estimates that between 77/82 tonnes of electrical waste is thrown away by households every year in West Sussex. The hopes are it will cut that amount in half meaning less waste going to landfills and more items recycled for their resources.

Read the full article here

Cybersecurity month tips

October marks cybersecurity month, as I’m sure you know security while online and on your devices is hugely important to protect your personal data. Here are our top tips from this month’s posts on cybersecurity.

-> Check your password is secure

-> Why 2-factor authentification is important

New Jamie’s videos

We have released a new video about our general operations. Thanks so much to the team who helped create these videos.

Thank you for reading Jamie’s Computers October lowdown you can keep up to date on our social enterprise and our services at or at our social media pages.


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