Waste Transfer Notes & WEEE Compliance

It is a legal Requirement that all businesses must responsibly dispose their waste correctly .

See  Gov.uk Website

A Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note ensures there is a clear paper trial from when the waste is produced until it is disposed of. You must keep your waste transfer notes and hazardous waste consignment notes for at least two years and be able to produce them on demand to the Environment Agency or local authority.

Jamies Computers Waste Transfer Notes (WTN) has been verified and our processes have been audited by the Environment Agency in 2017.

We produce two copies of hazardous WTN and non-hazardous waste WTN for each collection, which are countersigned by both CRB-Checked Driver and the Client.

One copy is a “Consignee Copy” which the client keeps, the other a “Carrier Copy” for our driver and Jamies Warehouse team will countersign one waste arrives at our Facility. This will ensure that the quantities of waste given and received on the Waste Transfer Note is accurate and verified each step of the way.

For added security, our Van is fitted with a GPS tracker and the route is traceable through our RAM tracking software.

Under the WEEE Directive and Duty of Care, Jamies Computers is:

Registered with the Environment Agency as an Authorised Treatment Facility for WEEE . see T11 Registration letterRegistered Hazardous Waste Carrier and provide consignment notes for the safe transportation of your waste, in line with government legislation.Registered to handle Hazardous Waste include CRT monitors, UPS’s and photocopiers.Registered exemption with the Environment Agency under Paragraph 41 for Environmental Permitting.