Today, we all know how important the environment is, the advancement of technology is fast paced. For all businesses, it is now a legal requirement (The Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013) to dispose of your computers and electronic equipment legally with Waste Transfer notes to an Authorised Recycler.

Jamie’s Computers is a Southampton based social enterprise that offers a socially, as well as environmentally, responsible computer recycling solution for individuals and businesses. For your complete peace of mind, Jamie’s Computers guarantees 100% data destruction and we are an approved Environment Agency Recycling Facility T11 

Please contact us and we will discuss your expectation and as your ITAD partner (IT Asset Disposal), we can cater our services to meet your needs

What we collect

We collect most non-hazardous and hazardous equipment for free however some equipment has a flat charge of £36 per item for collection. Lisited below is what we collect for free and what is charged for, if your equipment is not shown please feel free to contact us to discuss a collection.

Non-hazardous (Free)

  • Desktops, notebooks & Laptops
  • TFT/Monitors & TV’s
  • Phones & Tablets
  • External & internal hard drives
  • IP telephones
  • Server equipment
  • Toner cartridges (Boxed)
  • fax machines, laminators & shreaders
  • Printers (Small & medium)
  • Cables, keyboards & mice
  • Games consoles
  • Internal parts (Graphics cards etc)

Hazardous (Free)

  • Power supply units
  • Laptop batteries

Hazardous (£36 per item)

  • Large printers
  • Back up tapes
  • Interactive white boards
  • CRT monitors

3 easy ways to arrange a collection