Got a great Dell laptop here for my daughter at an amazing price and it looks like new.   The […]
Absolutely amazing. Needed a battery replacement and they went above and beyond to make sure it was sorted. Super friendly […]
A great company with very friendly and helpful staff. Honest, knowledgeable and reliable workers and fair prices! Thank you Paul […]
Excellent service. Great to see a charity making money from old PCs and laptops. Much cheaper than going to computer […]
Amazing charity to work with. All their PC equipment is properly tested and isn’t expensive. I use them all the […]
Myself and my family have bought many items over the years. Great value and after-sales support. We also recycle our […]
Thank you so much for all the collections your team have done for us over the years. You are your […]
We are pleased to be able to donate the equipment and take comfort in the fact that this makes some […]