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Meet Our Team of Specialists

We have an enthusiastic team of people based at our Northam Depot, who are dedicated to providing the service you require, in a courteous and friendly manner.

Computer Recycling
Reuban Choudhry
Business Manager

As the Business Manager of Jamie’s Computers, I oversee a great team that work together and strive to give excellent customer service.
We take pride in our reputation  I’m pleased with how we work with volunteers to give them the practical experience they need to further their career.

Refurbishment Charity
Chris Dewey
Team Leader

I started working at Jamie’s in 2012 as an I.T Tech and worked with different types of hardware and software.
Then in 2016 I become the Team Leader and now help with the operation of Jamie’s Computers, manage staff and accounts. I have always enjoyed working with IT and working in the charity sector

Retail Sales
Wendy Cameron

I started in September 2011 and am responsible for all the administration at Jamie’s, my main duties are doing the logistics of collections of redundant IT equipment. This is all in accordance with Environment Agency rules and regulations.

Wally Cameron
eBay Officer

I started at Jamie’s in 2009 as a volunteer ‘ebay officer’ listing as many donations as I could, moving my way up into the world of data purging, being neck deep in hard drives every day. Jamie’s is a family to me and I have enjoyed my time here.

Jay Springer
Sales and Marketing Apprentice

I started Jamie’s in August 2016 as a Sales & Marketing apprentice; my time at Jamie’s has been wonderful helping me learn countless skills and building my confidence to exponential levels. I call myself the ‘Jay of all trades’ as you can find me buzzing around the warehouse trying to help wherever I can.

Computer Recycling
Paul Motherwell
Driver / eBay Sales

I have been at Jamie’s since 2012 as a Driver, where I get to go to lots of different places to collect various IT equipment. A lot of the places I go to on a regular basis so I have built up a good relationship with lots of our customers. I also work on our eBay sale site when I get back to the warehouse after a busy day driving all over the country. It’s good to know that all our hard work goes to help people better their lives.

Refurbishment Charity
Ally Biggs
I.T Technician

Worked at Jamies over 8+ years as an I.T Technician specializing both in Windows and Linux platforms. I enjoy working alongside volunteers and helping them develop.


Retail Sales
Ben Simmonds
I.T Technician Apprentice

I spend my time learning and assisting the other Technicians and working in the purging room where drives are wiped under the Data Protection Act. Computers have been my hobby for as long as I can remember and I really enjoy repairing and refurbishing machines that come into Jamie’s Computers.


Relief Warehouse Operator

Its great to help such a good cause, I have been working  here a few years now and I have met some amazing people.

Paul Thickett
Warehouse Operator

Under Development.